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How to choose suitable LED color temperature?

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How to choose suitable LED color temperature?

How to choose suitable LED color temperature

Understanding the color of light, also known as Kelvin temperature (K), can make it easier for you to choose lighting that will give you the effect you want. With some LED products, there is a choice of colors, choosing a color will set the mood of your space.

Warm White:  2700K ~ 3000K, produces calm, relaxing light for use in any room.

Perfect for use in bad rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and restaurants.

Natural White: 4000K ~ 4500K, produces a friendly, inviting light for use in any room.

Ideal for use in office, basements, garages and work environments.

Cool White:  5500K ~ 6500K, produces a crisp, vibrant light for use in any room.

Recommended for display areas, security lighting, and garages.

LED buyers is to ask what the correlated color temperature of a lamp or fixture is before purchasing it, not whether the color temperature is “warm” or “cool”.

And another very important note, not all 2700K CCT lamps will look the same. So to avoid any issues, it is best not to mix and match manufacturers unless you have tested their products with each other.

There is no reason why you could not have a mixture in the same setting. For example, warm white for the main room lighting and cool white for task lighting over work areas.  Due to variations in the manufacturing process and different measurement methods you should consider buying the same model of LED lamp for all the fittings in an area or room.





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